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To keep your building’s garbage systems working consistently, they need to be maintained and inspected regularly, and that’s where we come in. Evolution Building Services has qualified technicians that provide comprehensive inspections and reports as well as preventative maintenance programs to ensure your waste management systems (including Trisorters if applicable) are working properly and that they are also up to code for fire and safety. After inspection, our team can provide bin and compactor cleanings, odour control unit repairs, and garbage chute repairs for your Ottawa building.

Garbage chute cleanings are very important because they get rid of the bacteria and odours that flow up the chute, as well as grease and caked on debris that forms inside and can be a fire hazard. Dirty garbage chutes can also attract unwanted insects and vermin which bring in more bacteria and disease. Contact us for chute cleanings and other preventative maintenance including monthly or quarterly fire-code compliance and rust-proofing.


Our compactor maintenance includes:

  • Yearly rust proofing coat to maintain appearance and prevent corrosion and prolong life of compactor

  • Adjust photo-eye and reflector

  • Checking hydraulic fluid (add fluid if required) and replacing filter once a year if applicable

  • Lubricate ram

  • Checking blade/bottom for abnormal wear

  • Checking motor load and pump system pressure and cycle time

  • Checking welds and stress points

  • All components including hoses, cylinder, switches and wiring for corrosion, damage or faulty connections.

Our container maintenance includes:

  • Yearly rust proofing coat to maintain appearance and prevent corrosion and prolong life of container

  • Quarterly greasing of all swivel casters, wheels and foot-brakes

  • Check compactor doors and latch closures

  • Check all lids, rods, hinges and drains

  • Inspect welds and stress points

Our garbage chute maintenance includes:

  • Regular greasing of oil components (latches, hinges and cylinders)

  • Fire damper/fire code and safety compliance (latches, closures, flaps and fire-rated chute doors)

  • Chute integrity (camera scope of chute liner)

Our Trisorter maintenance includes:

  • Checking lights and button function on MCP panel and floor panels

  • Verify proper panel operation

  • Verify locking door function if applicable

  • Insure system operation information is posted and provided for user education and compliance

  • Inspect baffle plates, moving components and structure

  • Lubricate all bearings and bushings

  • Insure proximity switches and actuators are adjusted and functioning properly

  • Verify hydraulic components, electric components and system programing

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